Household Appliances Bearings,Automobile Bearings,Motorcycle Bearings Suppliers

Ningbo DONGHUANG Bearing Co., LTD is a professional China Household Appliances Bearings Suppliers,Automobile Bearings Suppliers and Motorcycle Bearings Wholesalers,we are founded in 1995,Company now covers an area of over40000 square meters, the existing staff of 256 people (including all kinds of high and middle professionals near 80 people), can produce high quality bearing of 80 million sets each year.Customers’ expectation and social responsibilities are the motive of our DONGHUANG Bearing’ s development.

  • household appliances bearings

    As the pursuit of life nowadays, customers request better performance on household appliances. VCD bearing has more than 10 years experience in this field and VCD bearings has the characteristic of high precision, low noise, long working life which are widely used in air conditioners, washing machines, fans, vacuum cleaners, etc. VCD bearing has already supplied to Samsung, LG, Midea and some other famous brand, the quality are accepted by the market.

  • Motor bearings

    With the development of motor industry in recent years, the requirement for motors are more stricter, especially in power consumption, environmental protection, working life, reliability, etc. As the core part, the bearing is very important to a motor. With constant development and efforts, VCD bearing increasingly improved the quality to provide high sealing, low noise, long service life for motor customers.

  • Automobile bearing

    The automobile bearing is developing rapidly in recent years, in order to meet the auto markets’ high performance, high power, more comfortable and more durable developing trend, VCD put more effort on the automobile bearings, gradually developed lots of high temperature resistant, long life, high reliability products, widely used in automobile engine, belt tensioner , the steering, air conditioning fan, seat window-adjusting motor etc.

  • Motorcycle bearing

    VCD also has more than 10 years experience in motorcycle industry, the bearings are widely used in 2-wheel, 3-wheel motorcycles. Because of the working condition, the mechanical parts always exposed, in order to different driving conditions, VCD bearing do lots of experiment and research to develop high sealing, long life, high durability, low energy consumption bearings for the area.

  • Other bearings

    VCD can produce all kinds of deep groove ball bearings from ID 4mm to 60mm, and VCD can also produce flange, inch, non-standard bearings based on customers’ demand. Except the application area mentioned above, VCD bearing also widely used in pump industry, textiles, office suppliers, electric tools and many other industries, strong development capabilities and solid product quality to provide best products to our customers.

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